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Direct-dial telephony with ultra-low international calling rates.

FernCALL is a new, extremely economical direct-dial service for calls from Switzerland to more than 150 destinations abroad, from the fixed and mobile networks
An ingenious way to keep costs low when calling from home, from call boxes or while on the move:

Calls to the international fixed network and mobile networks around the world.
From any telephone with DTMF dialling.
Charging starts only when the call is accepted.
No basic charge.
Free minute-rate announcement before each connection.
Telecom transmission quality (not Voice over IP).
No registration, no obligation.
Call charges are listed on your telephone company's monthly bill

How it works
Dial the access number for the desired destination (e.g. USA = 0840 22 55 03).
An automatic, free announcement is heard advising you of the applicable rate.
Dial the telephone number including country code (z.B. USA 001 123 4567 891).
Press # key.